The Brickworms have an ever-expanding range of products on offer.


First of all, we have developed our own creations. These are sold alongside instructions also created by ourselves. The bricks come in a cotton or linen bag and make their way to our customers without any additional plastic material. If you already have all the necessary bricks for these models, or if you want to search for them yourself, you are free to purchase the instructions for the Brickworms creations separately.




We also offer books on the subject of LEGO® in different languages. These include several books translated by Ralf, and a book with building instructions that we will publish ourselves in summer 2023.





There are a selection of ready-to-build kits available to purchase, following the illustrated instructions provided in the books on offer in our shop. These kits save you the hassle of sourcing the bricks from multiple sellers on websites.





Books and kits can now be combined in a bundle to save you some money. We only offer these bundles for kits that are currently in stock and can be shipped within two days.