On this page, we present the authors and designers whose creations are offered by The Brickworms.

Peter Blackert

The author of the books How to Build Brick CarsHow to Build Brick Airplanes and How to Build Brick TV & Movie Cars is an extremely prolific LEGO® modeller. Peter Blackert has published hundreds of drawings of LEGO vehicles so far, including cars, lorries, motorcycles and buses. In real life, he works as a design engineer at the Ford Motor Company’s Asia-Pacific research and development centres in Geelong and Melbourne, Australia. His professional focus is developing powertrains and chassis systems.


Jeff Friesen

Jeff Friesen is an award-winning photographer, writer and LEGO designer. In contrast to a focus on nature motifs in his photography, the common thread running through Jeff’s LEGO designs is architecture. What both art forms share, however, is a passion for a clean, simple aesthetic. One of the four books he has authored to date, The LEGO Castle Book, outlines the historical techniques used to construct real-life castles and offers some general tips and tricks for building beautiful castles of your own, as well as providing step-by-step instructions for six of his designs. His latest book, The LEGO Engineer, is also available from us. Jeff is based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.



Marlen Krull a.k.a. Grimmona

Marlen Krull, candidate for the German edition of LEGO Masters 2021, runs a YouTube channel under the pseudonym Grimmona. Using LEGO bricks and stop-motion technology, she creates and publishes videos that mostly parody personalities in the LEGO scene as well as well-known YouTubers. With the launch of LEGO® DOTS, she began exploring the subject of jewellery made of LEGO. She shared her ideas with others, and it quickly became apparent that her creations are far more than the bracelet presented by LEGO. This is how earrings, necklaces and bracelets were created, each of which is coordinated with the other.




Anne Lavin

Anne Lavin, born in Thuringia in 1964, wrote stories and poems as a child. After her adventurous escape to the West in 1984, she initially lived in Baden-Württemberg and later for many years in Berlin, where she published the story of her escape (A Black Sheep) as well as several short stories. At the beginning of 2020, she transferred her residence to a village of 125 people in Franconian Switzerland. It is here that the adventures of the minstrel Whispering Bard came into being in the summer.



Elliott Mathews

Elliott MathewsHailing from Pennsylvania in the USA, Elliott Mathews likes cars and science fiction and building both of those out of LEGO. He has absolutely no qualifications in the LEGO world whatsoever, but he is a big fan. Since he finds it much easier to build with real bricks rather than virtual ones, he hasn’t submitted any of his creations to LEGO Ideas yet, but you can find some of his designs here at The Brickworms. The first design to join the range was the racing dune buggy.





Ekow Nimako

Beasts from Bricks is the first instructional book by sculptor and LEGO® artist Ekow Nimako. Ekow Nimako studied Fine Arts at York University and has since used LEGO exclusively in his sculptural practice. Along with his uniquely fluid building style, Nimako’s keen attention to form and content deeply rooted in other-worldly black narratives has enabled his artwork to transcend the iconic bricks and reach new heights of materiality and substance. He lives and works in Toronto, Canada.



Thomas Poulsom

Former gardener and tree surgeon Thomas Poulsom only reignited his passion for LEGO in recent years, with his LEGO Ideas project surpassing the required 10,000 supporters mark and being made into an official set (Birds 21031) in 2015. He subsequently penned a book with 15 additional designs for birds, Birds from Bricks, which led to him acquiring the nickname of ‘Lego birdman’. Thomas accepts commissions in his new career as a LEGO designer and is based in Bristol, UK.