On this page, we present our test crew. The extremely competent ladies and gentlemen will be testing our new products from April 2022 and will keep popping up in different places.

Cars – Bertie

BertieFrom a young age, Bertie always knew he was destined for public life, spending many an hour playing at interviewing his father (and other high-profile figures in the automotive field) as a child. After receiving his degree in broadcast journalism from Brickfield University, Bertie went on to gather decades of experience out in the real world. Specialising in the automotive industry, he is perhaps most famous for his long-running stint as the host of television shows All Geared Up and Throttled, but he also gained renown as a columnist for Motors Abroad Magazine. Although officially retired, Bertie is far from giving up his passion, telling us in his job interview with us that “There’s life in this old dog yet!”

Trains – George

GeorgeGeorge was actually referred to us by Bertie, his childhood friend. Like Bertie, he also spent a number of years in Brickfield. Initially, he worked as an engine driver, mainly transporting cargo to and from the depot at Brickfield railway station. He enjoyed driving trains as well as the opportunity to travel quite far afield, but after four years, the pull to work in a more stationary position became too strong. So he began a new job as a porter at the station, where he gained first-hand experience in customer service (and also kept himself physically fit carrying luggage around). He eventually became station master, which he describes as the highlight of his career. As you might have guessed, he now joins our trains department.

Animals – Jean

JeanAs a child, Jean always felt drawn to animals, and as an adult, she now gets to interact with them on a daily basis. She studied zoology with herpetology (the study of amphibians and reptiles) at Bricksville Metropolitan University and later completed her doctorate in wildlife conservation and management there. Her research has taken her to many far-flung destinations, though she is just as happy to potter around in the garden at home, where she has an extensive collection of exotic plants as well as her own vegetable and herb garden. Alongside her regular job as a renowned conservationist, Jean will be helping us part-time in our animals department.

Planes – Amy

AmySelf-professed weirdo Amy has led a pretty unconventional life so far. Before she even reached her teens, she enjoyed tinkering in her parents’ garage, trying to come up with devices to speed up daily chores and homework. Tragically, she lost both parents in a car accident at the tender age of 16. But this accident propelled her to change the course of her life. She immediately left school to train as a mechanic and was fast-tracked through her apprenticeship when her mentor recognised her problem-solving skills, dexterity and attention to detail were exceptional. She felt most drawn to flying machines, and also got her private pilot’s licence a couple of years after her apprenticeship. The main attraction of flying for her is revelling in the sensation of soaring above the clouds and the sense of freedom it affords. Amy is tasked with running our planes department.

Ships – Ferdinand

FerdinandAlthough a qualified and working ferry captain these days, Ferdinand didn’t always know what he wanted to be when he grew up. In the past, he has worked in a vast array of jobs in the most diverse of fields, from a data inputter to a fruit picker to a retail manager. It was really by accident that he discovered a passion for life on the water: his best friend persuaded him to join him on board a container ship for several months straight from school. From there, he embarked on a roundabout route to becoming a captain. For fun, Ferdinand also plays the tuba, participates in draughts tournaments, and stays at the vineyard that he and his wife own.

Buildings – Princess Charlotte

Prinzessin Charlotte

Princess Charlotte really needs no introduction. Already a familiar face as a respected young member of the royal family, her philanthropic work has only served to make her even more beloved throughout the land. What few people know, however, is that not only is she Crown Princess of Brickonia; she is also an architect! Princess Charlotte spent many an hour drawing and sketching as a child. Initially, she showed an interest in pursuing fashion design but quickly realised that architecture was where her real passion lay. Having only recently finished her studies, what she may lack in experience she more than certainly makes up for in enthusiasm and focus. Indeed, her dream is to establish her own studio where she plans to strike a balance between classical design elements and sustainability.