Castles and stories

From now on, we want to break new ground. The foundation is of course kits made from original LEGO® bricks – in this case, the castles from Jeff Friesen’s book The LEGO® Castle Book. What’s new is that each kit includes an exciting and amusing story by the author Anne Lavin.

And this is how it all began:

Once upon a time, long, long ago, in a country as far away or as close as your imagination allows (I don’t know where you call home), there lived the heavy-drinking and rowdy knight named Cuthbert. He once owned a proud castle, but unhappily was short of money, and now it was so ramshackle and dilapidated that it brought him no joy to live there.

Cuthbert didn’t have much to his name except for a spindly horse, a puny donkey and a squire named Edwin.

Curious? Read the prologue here.