Peter Blackert: LEGO®-Flugzeuge bauen – book with LEGO® instructions

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German translation of How to Build Brick Airplanes (translated by Ralf J. Klumb).

In his second LEGO® book, Peter Blackert presents 14 aircraft in three difficulty levels. The smallest model in the scale 1:100 has only about 50 parts; the largest in the scale 1:21 over 2,000!

All the models included in this book are available from us as a kit in the category Vehicles/Aircraft.


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Translation of the back cover:


The world’s most exciting aeroplanes in your hands!

It’s time to build! Clear, easy-to-follow instructions for building contemporary and classic jets, bombers and war planes from bricks found in many LEGO® kits and online. Peter Blackert presents the most legendary planes for you to build yourself. Naturally included are the aeroplane legends SR-71 Blackbird, Supermarine Spitfire and B-2 Spirit Bomber.

From simple plans to detailed structures, fun is guaranteed for every LEGO® fan.

The bricks needed to build these aeroplanes are available as kits from us, The Brickworms. You can find them in the category “Aircraft”.

Title: LEGO®-Flugzeuge bauen. Schritt für Schritt zu Jets, Bombern und Kampfflugzeugen
ISBN: 978-3964530493
Pages: 192
Publication date: 2019

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