Jeff Friesen: LEGO®-Ingenieurskunst – book with LEGO® instructions


German translation of The LEGO Engineer (translated by Ralf J. Klumb).

If you’re looking to add some marvels of engineering to your landscapes, you’ve come to the right place! In this book, Jeff Friesen guides you through the construction of micro bridges, trains, ships, planes, skyscrapers and rockets.

All the models included in this book and shown here are available from us as a kit in the categories Buildings/Architecture models, Buildings/Bridges or Vehicles. The bricks for the models are not included with this book.

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Translation of the back cover:


With The LEGO® Engineer, you’ll reinvent some of humanity’s greatest engineering feats through 30 LEGO models: tunnel boring machines, super-fast bullet trains, even the International Space Station. Each of these masterfully crafted replicas comes with a brief explanation of the principles behind it, allowing you to increase your knowledge and enjoyment of the world of technology. Learn the art of engineering in a fun way as you recreate these amazing engineering marvels!

Title: LEGO®-Ingenieurskunst
ISBN: 978-3864909702
Pages: 200
Publication date: 2023

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