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In this book, Canadian LEGO designer Jeff Friesen shows you how to build castles. He takes you on a journey through the history of castle construction, providing details to enable you to create truly realistic models. The book wouldn’t be complete without step-by-step instructions for six castles, suitable for budding and experienced LEGO builders alike.

All the models included in this book and shown here are available from us as a kit in the category Buildings/Castles.  The bricks for the models are not included with this book.

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From the back cover:

Filled with stunning photos, step-by-step instructions, and creative ideas for customisation, The LEGO Castle Book shows you how to build mini castles complete with moats, drawbridges, gatehouses, and more! Build a castle using basic bricks or make one of the six master builds. Create your own medieval village with windmills, taverns, and chapels. Travel through the history of castle architecture and learn how to build walls, towers, gates, and keeps.

Whether your goal is to add realistic details like crenellations, turrets, and parapets to your designs or to create a believable medieval setting, you’ll find endless inspiration in The LEGO Castle Book.

Title: The LEGO Castle Book – Build Your Own Mini Medieval World
ISBN: 978-1718500167
Pages: 190
Publication date: 2019

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