Common kingfisher – kit from LEGO® bricks


This set contains the original LEGO® bricks for a model of the common kingfisher. Instructions not included. You can find them in Thomas Poulsom‘s book Birds from Bricks.

Further information about the animal and the model follows below.

Warning! Choking hazard due to small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years.


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Colourful iridescent plumage, cobalt blue to turquoise, depending on the light, plus an orangey brown breast – the common kingfisher is undeniably a beauty. And if you can hear better than you can see, the call of this splendid bird, which is barely the size of a sparrow, is piercingly loud and whistling when he flies over a body of water.

The kingfisher is an excellent indicator of whether a body of water is healthy. If he has settled there, everything is sure to be all right. For nesting, however, he prefers to retreat to steep slopes.

In the Middle Ages, it was in fact believed that when a dead kingfisher was placed between valuables, it encouraged them to reproduce. This, however, turned out to be an error.

Number of original LEGO® bricks: 196

Measurements of the model: 9.7 x 19.1 x 10.5 cm

Difficulty level: intermediate

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