Peter Blackert: LEGO-Filmautos bauen – book with LEGO® instructions


German translation of How to Build Brick TV & Movie Cars (translated by Ralf J. Klumb).

After the two successful books, How to Build Brick Cars and How to Build Brick Airplanes, this is Peter Blackert’s third book of instructions for LEGO models. Building instructions for twelve car classics from film history await you, from K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider to the Shaguar from Austin Powers. And so, you can reenact the films at home!

The LEGO bricks for the models included in the book are available from us on request.


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Translation of the back cover:

A dozen legendary cars from film history for you to DIY.

The world’s most iconic cars in the palm of your hand!

That means: get the LEGO bricks out and start building. 12 car classics from highlights of film history are presented in step-by-step instructions, including the Shaguar from Austin Powers in Goldmember, the Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me or the Ford Falcon V8 Interceptor from Mad Max. Parts lists and suggestions for variants are a matter of course.

Author Peter Blackert also uses the opportunity to present the (film) history and technology behind the cars. This is a very special kind of modelling for beginners to experts. Opening doors and bonnets, independent suspension – so much is possible…

And that’s just the beginning. From now on, there are no limits to your imagination or your building desires. Customise! That’s the next challenge.

Title: LEGO-Filmautos bauen. Schritt für Schritt zu den coolsten Fahrzeugen der Filmgeschichte
ISBN: 978-3964532732
Pages: 192
Publication date: 2020

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