Christoph Ruge, Hilke & Henry Krasemann, Michael Friedrichs: Eigene LEGO®-Modelle programmieren – book with LEGO® instructions


Original German version.

The first of the models included in this book are now available from us as a kit in the category functional models.

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Translation of the back cover:

LEGO motors and sensors bring the famous building blocks to life through movement, light and sound. The new generation of electronics from LEGO with the product lines Powered Up, Boost and Control+ opens up completely new possibilities. This book shows how the different components are used together and how the associated apps make even more functions possible.

Eigene LEGO®-Modelle programmieren (Programming Your Own LEGO® Models) contains an overview of the programming blocks used to control the models. This book makes it easier for children aged 8 and over and adult LEGO fans to use motors and sensors independently.

Three exclusive new models can be recreated using the detailed step-by-step instructions:


An extraordinary team of authors has come together for the book: as a LEGO fan designer, Christoph Ruge designed the LEGO model of the International Space Station (ISS) and developed the models in this book. Hilke Krasemann contributes the instructions, while Henry Krasemann has been delighting LEGO fans for years with his YouTube channel Klemmbausteinlyrik. Michael Friedrichs and his team provide young and old readers with the latest LEGO news every day via the fan page

Title: Eigene LEGO®-Modelle programmieren. Mit Bauanleitungen für neue Modelle
ISBN: 978-3864907999
Pages: 212
Publication date: 2020

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Dimensions 20 × 25 × 1.2 cm


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