Giant panda – kit from LEGO® bricks


This set contains the original LEGO® bricks for a model of the giant panda. Instructions not included. You can find them in Ekow Nimako‘s book Beasts from Bricks.

Further information about the real-life animal and the model follows below.

Warning! Choking hazard due to small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years.


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The giant panda is a shy herbivore and lives exclusively in the mountainous regions of central China. In addition, there are breeding stations in China and a few of them are being kept in various European zoos.

However, the panda bear is extremely well known and beloved, not least because of his cuddly appearance. It is generally acknowledged that the cute little fellow has a set of teeth to be taken seriously. Several times, people were bitten, having confused the panda with a teddy bear.

Essentially, though, the giant panda prefers to chew bamboo shoots – up to 40 kilograms a day. If need be, small vertebrates and caterpillars appear on the menu. Weighing up to 160 kilograms, the bear is one of the most endangered species, but the Chinese government takes his protection very seriously.

Number of original LEGO® bricks: 339

Measurements of the model: 13.4 x 10.4 x 13 cm

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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