Northern cardinal – kit from LEGO® bricks


This set contains the original LEGO® bricks for a model of the northern cardinal. Instructions not included. You can find them in Thomas Poulsom‘s book Birds from Bricks.

Further information about the real-life animal and the model follows below.

Warning! Choking hazard due to small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years.


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The northern cardinal is very popular in his American homeland. Though he used to be kept as a pet, his bright red plumage – albeit only on males – can nowadays only be admired in the wild.

In addition, this beautiful songbird species, with a flamboyant comb and distinctive mask – albeit only on males – is the state bird of seven US states and graces coats of arms and stamps.

Catching or killing a northern cardinal has been a criminal offence since 1918. “Virginia nightingales” also take good care of themselves by being cheerfully diffuse throughout North America. Their homeland now extends across the central and eastern states of the USA and in the south via Mexico to Belize. In the north, they have conquered the southeast of Canada. The northern cardinal likes to live in open terrain, but increasingly shows a preference for populated areas.

Number of original LEGO® bricks: 213

Measurements of the model (ca.): 12 x 6.4 x 16.6 cm

Difficulty level: intermediate

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